As a businessman & father with a keen interest in my children’s future, I know that the strength of any healthy ecosystem is its diversity. I apply this concept to my classroom, leveraging the diversity of my students to encourage multiple perspectives on course material. While each student has their own set of identities (racial, socio-economic, familial, etc…), I attempt to unite the classroom by encouraging students to formulate a “scientific identity” and an action research approach to learning coupled with teamwork and communication in action that can be tapped into both in the classroom and beyond.

​I have had the opportunity to teach a number of courses through my academic experiences. Each time I enter the classroom, I look forward to the mutual learning experience ahead.


University College Dublin – Commerce (BComm) Final Year Class, Industry localisation.

Intreo – Business Communications; Course design and delivery

ISPE – Educational Hub – Industry Action Learning, Final Year Biopharmaceutical Science Students across Ireland. 

TU Dublin – Biopharmaceutical Science Final Year Students – Industry localisation of graduate skills to the Biopharma Industry.


I am interested in exploring and learning through participation in outreach opportunities in diverse communities. Sharing my passions with my community is one of my favourite parts of the academic work I do.  

Most recently, I have partnered with the ISPE to design and deliver their Edu Hub Industry Engagement Forum/Lecture Tour across Ireland at ISPE Events. This experience has been elevated to a cross-global learning experience for the Global ISPE Pharmaceutical